How-To Videos

PubWorks How-To Videos Posted on YouTube

Here are some how-to videos posted on the PubWorks YouTube channel to help you learn to be more proficient in Pubworks. Click the videos below to learn a new tip or trick.  Click here to Subscribe to the PubWorks YouTube Channel and be alerted any time a new video appears.

PubWorks Mobile – Apple iOS Notifications

PubWorks Mobile – Android and Samsung Notifications

PubWorks Mobile Requests

Creating a New Project in PubWorks

How to re-use a code or name for a vehicle

Code Field Visibility Settings

Recording Work for Beginners

Service Request Dashboard

Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel

Turning on Crew Activities Equipment Operator Mode

Update Rates Form in PubWorks

Creating a Work Order From Asset Search

Creating Work Orders in PubWorks

Creating a Fleet Work Order

Viewing Records Via the PubWorks MapViewer

Adding Employees and Users into PubWorks

How to Add a Service Request in the MapViewer

Using Logged-in Employee as Default on Fleet Work Orders

Asset Task Plans

Closing a Service Request using a Work Order

Adding Custom Attributes to a Location or Location Feature

Fleet Maintenance PM Items

Asset Search

Using Projects To Track Activities

Creating a Daily Activity in PubWorks

In this video I noticed that the presenter had a Summary of Employee Hours located in the bottom of the Daily Activities Screen.  How do I get that option in PubWorks?

This setting requires a PubWorks Technician to activate it.  Activation only takes a few minutes and can be done while others are still working in the program.  Simply call or email PubWorks Support and request the option: “Summary of Employee Hours”, we will be glad to activate the option for you.

Lost and Found Activity Records