What’s New in PubWorks

6.3.06 October 2021 Enhanced the ability to create Depreciation Schedules in bulk and added a text field to display the calculated value for remaining useful life on all assets.  Added a Vendor Invoice Fund Summary report to the Vendor Invoice reports group and improved the Fund – Fiscal Year summary reports in our Fund reports group.  Allow photos (taken by PubWorks Mobile) to be used as the primary photo of an Asset.  Extended the Activity Filter to include Project and Fund filter settings.  Added column-click sorting to all record locate grids.  Improved how employee overhead rates are used based on labor type.  Improved how Vendor Invoices interact with associated Fleet Work Orders.  Enhanced the Inspection To Do list to allow Location Feature filtering by district.

6.3.05 September 2021 Internal use, not release to the customer base.

6.3.04 August 2021 Fixes/updates and minor enhancements to Employee and Contractor listing reports, Fleet Maintenance reports, Vendor Invoice, Inspections and Daily and Crew Activities.

6.3.03 July 2021 Added MFG Warranty and Extended Warranty field to equipment; enhancement to automatically provide Inspection Schedule Date choices. Also added part type selection when adding parts on-the-fly.

6.3.02 July 2021 A variety of minor fixes and enhancements.

6.3.01 June 2021 Enhanced overhead calculation to include a special South Dakota method; enhancements to Service Requests that support SeeClickFix; added Betterment adjustments; numerous data security enhancements plus minor bug fixes.

6.2.02 May 2021 Added a Copy User feature to user powers and enhanced Activity-Asset-Fund linkage and auto-completion enhancements plus improved copying of employee hours to equipment hours plus a number of other minor enhancements and fixes.

6.2.01    April 2021    A variety of fixes and enhancements to Record Merger, Odometer Log, new User Powers and OBD Code look-ups.

6.1.15    March 2021    Added Vendor Invoice reports, print WO with costs, Inspection question reordering plus a variety of other minor enhancements and fixes.

6.1.14    February 2021    Improved Service Request email file attachment logic, added “object codes” to Vendor Invoice, added Fleet Comprehensive Summary with Overhead and a handful of minor fixes.

6.1.13    January 2021    Includes some minor enhancements and defect corrections.

6.1.12    December 2020    Fixed the product ledger report plus a number of minor enhancements and fixes.

6.1.11    November 2020    For Inspections, added ‘On failure, allow for creation of Service Request’ and a number of defect corrections.

6.1.10    September 2020    Enhanced Project FEMA capabilities and MUTCD functionality as well ad Contractor/Vendor, Inspection, Odometer Log,  and Vendor Invoice functionality.

6.1.09    August 2020    Various enhancements to Inspections, Locations and Equipment.

6.1.08    July 2020    Includes some minor Inspection and Fleet enhancements and defect corrections.

6.1.07    June 2020    Added Equipment Replacements reports based on registration and other related improvements plus a number of defect corrections.

6.1.06    June 2020    Enhancements to Vendor Invoice, Mobile Work Approval and Inspections.

6.1.05    May 2020    Improved calendar appearance, Vendor Invoice and Service Request caller merge enhancements plus a number of defect corrections.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.1.04


Includes some minor enhancements and a number of defect corrections.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.1.03

Added embedded calculator to Regular and OT hours fields on the Fleet Work Order detail screen.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.1.02

Added tenant name, phone and cell phone fields to Location Address screen.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.1.01

Crew Activity screen enhanced to be sizable.

Enhanced fuel file import to write, as the first entry into the import/error log, the name of the fuel transaction file.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.0.40

Added a picture control to the general information tab for all asset screens (equipment, locations and location features).

Added fiscal year sensitivity to enhance our use of date ranges.

Lengthened the note field for Locations and Location features to 255 characters (from 128).

Added a new capability for adjusting OT hours withing a Pay Period.

Added a Vendor Invoice screen for improved materials and parts procurement and how they are allocated to asset, Fleet Work Orders and Inventory.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.0.38
October 2019

Among the 23 enhancements performed for as many as seven customers, most notable is the addition of the Product Ledger report to our material/parts inventory reporting screen.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.0.38
September 2019

Added multiple choice filtering for our Location and Equipment Asset Management report. Plus, we added a new Asset Detail Listing report.

Enhancements to fully support dual odometers and dual intervals on preventative maintenance items in our Fleet Management Module.

Enhancement to auto-validate meter readings that also provide preventative maintenance item due information while creating a Fleet Work Order.

Enhancements to link PM items to Part Kits linkage so that a part kit linked to a PM Item is auto inserted onto the Fleet Work Order when the PM Item is selected.