Online Training FREE with PubWorks

Do you need to brush up on a module?  Or do you have a new employee that needs to be trained?  PubWorks online training is free that is included with your Annual Support and Maintenance.

PubWorks Online training utilizes a screen sharing program Go-To-Meeting which allows us to work and train your crew on your system in real time. You can connect our training with any internet connected computer running PubWorks. With a few clicks of the mouse it is just like we are next to you offering assistance.

This personalized training allows for a hands-on learning where customized real world simulations can be discussed and trained on. One to six trainees represent a manageable class size. To meet the particular needs of the customer, training sessions occur in 90 minute segments and can be done over a two day period to maximize retention of learning.

PubWorks Training Courses

Asset Management & Cost Accounting Core

  • General PubWorks Overview
  • The PubWorks Database Structure
  • The Major Data Screens and Tables
  • Support Screens and Tables
  • The Activity Model and Activity Screens
  • Common Themes and Terminology
  • Adding, Modifying and Deleting Records
  • Screen Tabs
  • Listing Reports
  • Cost Reports
  • Mapping Assets and Activities
  • Admin Functions

Service Requests

  • Service Request Overview
  • Creating/Editing of Service Requests
  • Service Request Status
  • Mapping Service Requests
  • Callers linked to Service Requests
  • Service Requests Reports

Work Orders

  • Work Order Overview
  • Asset-Task Plans
  • The To Do List
  • Creating New Works Orders
  • Updating Works Orders
  • Assigning Resources
  • Linking to Existing Service Requests
  • Work Order Status
  • Mapping Work Orders


  • Basic Map Functions of MapViewer
  • Custom PubWorks data functions within the MapViewer
  • PubWorks Reporting and the MapViewer
  • Editing GIS data through the MapViewer
  • MapViewer Data Manager
  • Managing GIS data connections
  • Synchronizing PubWorks and GIS data
  • Mapping custom attributes between PubWorks data and GIS data attributes
  • Data Security

Fleet Maintenance

  • Fleet Maintenance Overview
  • Assigning Resources
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Parts Inventory
  • PM Items – creation and assignment
  • PM Schedule
  • Creating Fleet Work Orders
  • Fuel and Odometer Log
  • Fueling System Interface
  • Fleet Maintenance Reporting