Tool Tip: Mobile Work Approval Status Symbol Indicators

If you are using the PubWorks Mobile App, you’ve almost certainly seen the Green Thumbs Up and the Red Thumbs Down symbols. What do these symbols mean? This tooltip tells you all you need to know.

When employees are out in the field recording work (daily activities), that work gets sent back to the office where it gets approved or denied. The table below shows each symbol and its meaning:

This symbol indicates the Work has been sent back to the office but has neither been approved nor disapproved.
This symbol indicates that the work has been sent to the office and has been approved!
This symbol indicates that the work was disapproved for a reason. Maybe equipment/materials were forgotten and need to be fixed and sent back to be approved.
This symbol means that the information on the device was edited AFTER the work record was already approved. Meaning that any edits from the mobile device were NOT sent to the office. ***The field people should be told that if this is the case, they need to tell someone in the office of the edits that need to be made to the work records that have already been approved.