Latest Release

Here are ToolTips for our latest Release, 6.0.37.

What’s New in PubWorks Version 6.0.37

  • Enhancement to detect the use of Banned Characters in the Name and Code fields used when creating new records in the Asset Management Core. Read more.
  • Enhancement to Purchase Orders to detect a change to either Fund or Contractor/Vendor information in the General Information of the PO and update the PO Details and Material Transaction records associated w/ the PO with the new Fund/Con values if the user says YES to the message box.  (This enhancement requires a new system setting. To activate this option please contact support (888-920-0380 ex2) to have setting changed.
  • We’ve added a refresh button to our Service Request Status Form on the desktop. Read more.
  • Enhancement to allow user to create and email an Activity (Daily, Crew or Route) directly from the Activity Record. Read more.
  • Enhancement to allow the creation of Location Address records on-the-fly while completing a Service Request on the desktop. Read more.