Asset Search

Asset Search – Very Powerful!

One of the most powerful asset management features in PubWorks is the “Asset Search” function found under System>Asset Search. This function is part of the PubWorks core module.

With the Asset Search tool you can do the following:

  1. Create a list of assets filtered by any number of criteria, including your own user-defined attributes.
  2. Export the asset list to Excel. All user-defined attributes and PubWorks standard attributes will be exported with the asset so that you can easily manipulate columns.
  3. If you have the PubWorks “Work Order” module, you can create a single “Work Order” in PubWorks to perform a particular task.
Asset Search Program

For example: I want to replace all the R1-1 signs in our municipality that have a wooden post. If I have post type as a user defined attribute in PubWorks, I can export all the signs that meet this criteria to a single work order to give to the Sign Department.

asset search screen