CORE Support Resources

The PubWorks CORE is the crux of the software.  Below you will find a large list of support items relating to the Asset Management CORE. Click the links below to find answers to your questions.

Set-Up and Data


Record ConsolidationSolution

Hyperlinking Employee RecordsSolution

Registration Expiration & In Service DatesSolution

Setting a new background image in PubWorks – Solution

Code Field Visibility SettingsSolution

Base Rate versus Regular RateSolution

Accessing the About ScreenSolution

Activate an In-active Location RecordSolution

Retiring an EmployeeSolution

Update RatesSolutions

Copy Document in the More ButtonSolution

Location Feature LookupSolution

Setting a Start Screen in PubWorksSolution

Linking Employee Information to User LoginsSolution

Linking Employee Information to User LoginsSolution

Setting a Start ScreenSolution

How To SearchSolution

Changing Password in PubWorksSolution

Add/Modify/Delete, Viewing and ReportingSolution

Preventing Data LossSolution

Employee/Equipment/Material Rate OverrideSolution

Setting User RightsSolution

User Power SettingsSolution

Lost and Found Activity RecordsSolution

New Address Function for Urban PubWorks Users – Solution


DepartmentalizationWatch it here

Record Management – Managing Duplicate RecordsWatch it here

Administration System SettingsWatch it here

Quality Assessment of PavementWatch it here

Locating within PubWorksWatch it here

Departmentalization – Watch it here


Training GuideSee the doc

Activities / Crew / Projects / Tasks


Activity Add/Modify/DeleteSolution

Fleet Check Box for Activity TypesSolution

Create a Work Activity Directly from a Service RequestSolution

Changing Location Codes without Affecting the HistorySolution

Activities-Only Employee SettingsSolution

Task ModifierSolution

Daily Activity Sort ButtonSolution

Daily Activity Calculator –  Solution

Asset SearchSolution

How-To Videos:

Recording Work for BeginnersWatch it here

Turning on Crew Activities Equipment Operator ModeWatch it here

Asset Task PlansWatch it here

Asset SearchWatch it here

Using Projects To Track ActivitiesWatch it here

Creating a Daily Activity in PubWorksWatch it here

Creating a New Project in PubWorksWatch it here

Adding Custom Attributes to a Location or Location Feature – Watch it here

Lost and Found Activity Records – Watch it here


Leaf Pick-UpWatch it here

Hauling and Special TasksWatch it here

PubWorks CORE – UC 2017Watch it here

PubWorks CORE – UC 2016Watch it here

FEMAWatch it here

Using Projects to Capture Disaster Recovery Events for FEMAWatch it here

Documenting WorkWatch it here

Asset Management Core – Watch it here

Asset Management – Watch it here


Daily Activities QRGSee the doc

FEMA QRGSee the doc

Crew Activities QRGSee the doc



Listing Bar Codes Report – Solution

Equipment Replacement Reports Enhancement – Solution

Snow Report – Solution

Export to CSV – Solution

Copy Assets to the Clipboard and Running Reports  – Solution


How-To Videos:

Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel – Watch it here



Reporting Basics – Watch it here

Reporting – Watch it here

Year-End Reports and Data Cleanup – Watch it here

Disaster Reporting – Watch it here



Activity Costs by Contractor Vendor – See the doc

Activity Costs by Location – See the doc

Category Data List Reports – See the doc