Fleet Maintenance Module Resources

Fleet Maintenance Module

The Fleet Maintenance module is a popular product with a lot of resources.  Please surf the lists below to find the answers to your questions.  As always if you have a specific question that is not on the below list feel free to call PubWorks Support: 1-888-920-0380 ext. 2 or email: Support@PubWorks.com


Equipment Replacement ReportsSolution

Record ConsolidationSolution

Fleet Parts Kit EnhancementSolution

Equipment Screen EnhancementSolution

Fleet Check Box for Activity TypesSolution

Fleet Maintenance Comprehensive Summary ReportSolution

Fleet Service RequestsSolution

Fleet ActivitiesSolution

Fleet Work Order PM Items CheckSolution

Fleet PM Schedule Work Order CreationSolution

Export to CSVSolution

Turning On The DashboardsSolution

Report That Lists Equipment and Their VIN Numbers?Solution

How do I add values in the Vehicle Condition Drop-list in an Equipment Record?Solution

How To SearchSolution

Linking a PM Item to EquipmentSolution

Changing Location Codes without Affecting the HistorySolution

Adding a Bar Code to a Part/MaterialSolution

Changing Password in PubWorksSolution

Bar Code Scanner SuggestionSolution

Fleet Work OrderSolution

Equipment SearchSolution

Fleet PM Schedule EmailSolution

Preventing Data LossSolution

Employee/Equipment/Material Rate OverrideSolution

Setting User RightsSolution

User Power SettingsSolution

Parts HistorySolution

Odometer ResetSolution


Fleet Maintenance – Lesser Known ItemsWatch it here

Fleet Maintenance – UC 2017Watch it here

Fleet Maintenance – UC 2016Watch it here

Online Service Requests and Online Fleet Service Requests – Watch it here

Vehicle and Equipment Replacement – Watch it here

Fleet Work Orders as Invoices – Watch it here

Fuel and Odometer Log Reports – Watch it here

Lesser Known Fleet Settings – Watch it here

Fleet Dashboard – Watch it here

Fleet Maintenance  Watch it here

Fleet Fuel and Odometer Log – Watch it here

Fleet Maintenance PM Schedule – Watch it here

Fleet Maintenance – Watch it here

Record Management – Managing Duplicate Records – Watch it here

Administration System Settings – Watch it here

Year-End Reports and Data Cleanup – Watch it here

How-To Videos

Creating a Fleet Work Order – Watch It Here

Using Logged-in Employee as Default on Fleet Work Orders – Watch It Here

Fleet Maintenance PM Items – Watch It Here

How to re-use a code or name for a vehicle – Watch It Here


Fleet Maintenance Reports See the Doc

Fuel and Odometer Reports – See the Doc

Bar Code Scanning QRG- See the Doc

Fleet Work Orders QRG- See the Doc

Fleet Training Guide – See the Doc