Fleet Service Requests

Fleet Service Request Status to help review requests

Fleet Service Requests give our customers the ability to allow vehicle owners throughout the organization (perhaps in different departments or divisions) to submit vehicle maintenance and repair requests. These requests can be submitted directly via a screen in the PubWorks desktop application, or they can be submitted using a web-based form on your intranet site. Either way, requests are automatically routed to the fleet maintenance staff and can be converted into fleet work orders with a single mouse-click..

We’ve built a management console called Fleet Service Request Status to help review requests, filter them by a wide variety of data attributes and navigate to their details.

Also, we’ve made it easy to use and so flexible that customers can establish the required fields they need, jump to related details (like the vehicle record) by clicking hyperlinks and see pertinent cross-referenced information.


Fleet service request


For more information please contact Support / Support@PubWorks.com / 888-920-0380 x2.