Linking a PM Item to Equipment

Question: How do I link a PM item to a piece of Equipment?



Follow the directions below.

Step 1: Find the Equipment/Vehicle to which you’d like to add a PM item to.

Step 2: Click on the Specs button.


add pm item to equipment


Step 3:  You will be presented with the Equipment Specifications screen. Click in the Preventative Maintenance Item cell and then click on its dropdown list arrow to display a list of PM Items. Click to select the PM item you would like to associate with the Equipment/Vehicle record.


linking pm item to equipment


Step 4:  Then click the OK button.


equipment specifications


Step 5: PubWorks will ask if you want to associate this PM item with all equipment of the same type.  Click Yes to associate all pieces of equipment of the same type with this PM Item. Or No if you only want the current Equipment/Vehicle to have the PM item.


heavy equipment


Step 6:  Now that a PM item has been added to the equipment/vehicle, you will see an asterisk on the Specs button when that piece of equipment is displayed.