Map This Asset

Mapping your public works Assets

So, you find yourself looking at an asset record (location or location feature) in PubWorks and you’re curious as to where it falls on your GIS map? PubWorks can show you where in a just a few clicks.

The Location and Location Feature screens (as do many others) have a Map button on the right-hand side of their button bar.


map this asset


Clicking this button will give you mapping options. One of these options is Display This Location Only. Click this option to render a map showing, in this case Babbit Lane, highlighted and centered in the MapViewer.


map this street asset


Similarly, Location Features can be mapped just as easily. For example, from the Location Features screen, click the Map button on the button bar, then click the Display Single Feature option to show the location feature highlighted and centered in the MapViewer.


map this sign asset